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LAMA (Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association)

Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) is a nonprofit national trade association representing manufacturers of light aircraft, engines, avionics, parts/subassemblies and suppliers and distributors to the light sport/light aircraft industry and community. In addition to building nearly all of the kit-built and ready-to-fly light aircraft operating in the United States, LAMA member companies also are opening maintenance/repair training facilities across the nation.

Founded in 1984, LAMA represents the interests of its members before the United States Congress, the Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration, and other federal and state government agencies directly concerned with the national airspace system. It also maintains close working relationships with other associations representing various facets of the aviation community.

Through its public information and education programs, LAMA promotes better understanding of the sport and light aviation environment. LAMA strives to improve the business condition of light aviation and highlight the important role light aviation plays in the national economy and in serving America’s aviation interests.

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