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Sport pilots can fly a wide range of aircraft from factory built to homebuilt airplanes. Whichever aircraft you choose to fly, it’s now less expensive! With streamlined aircraft manufacturing processes and less government bureaucracy there is less overall expense. With less cost, and more aircraft to choose from, now you can train in, fly, and own your own aircraft!

Ultralights Verses Light-Sport Aircraft

An Ultralight is a “single place” vehicle (the FAA does not call ultralights Aircraft) that requires no pilots license. These can only weight up to 254 pounds empty. There is very little regulation on the aircraft and the operator except that it is restricted from flying in busier airspace. The Ultralight Trainer two place Ultralight evolved which is a heavier ultralight used for dual training (instructor and student) until 2004 when the ultralight trainers were transitioned to Light-Sport Aircraft. For more information go to Ultralight airplane.

Sport Plane Ownership

When the moment comes that you contemplate owning your own, some of the questions that you will want answered can be found here.
Ownership will involve being knowledgeable about the operation, maintenance and necessary inspections of your craft. We have you covered here too!

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