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Images featuring sport pilots flying airplane light-sport aircraft – from beginners learning to fly on to expert’s thrilling adventures. These images are intended to motivate you to get out there and fly LSA!

Learn to Fly Airplane LSA

Learn to Fly LSA Images

Images from the movie, BE A SPORT PILOT – LEARN TO FLY A FIXED WING AIRCRAFT which shows you what it will be like to take flight lessons in Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) airplanes.


Airplane LSA

Paul and Loretta Hamilton in Zodiac LSA



CTLS Cockpit and Flight

Flight Design CTLS Images

Images from a FLIGHT DESIGN CTLS around Carson City, NV and Mono Lake, CA.


Rotax 912 Intro

Rotax 912 Intro

Images from the movie, ROTAX 912 INTRODUCTION which shares tips and techniques for trouble-free operation of a new Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) with a ROTAX 912 engine.


Preflight a LSA

How to Preflight an Airplane LSA

Images from the movie, HOW TO PREFLIGHT A FIXED-WING LIGHT-SPORT AIRCRAFT which shares how to perform a typical preflight of an LSA.


Weather to Fly

Weather to Fly for Sport Pilot Images

Images from the movie, WEATHER TO FLY FOR SPORT PILOTS which teaches pilot weather for Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) airplanes.


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