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Sport Plane Flight Training?

Wherever you are in your flight training, we’ll take you step-by-step through every phase to make it easier for you to learn to fly airplane light-sport aircraft (LSA). In this section you will find lots of LSA flight training resources, state-of-the-art sport pilot training programs, training materials, information on FAA handbooks and manuals, practical test prep, knowledge and exams, and practical test standards…an invaluable complement to your flight instructor.

Everything you need to prepare for your FAA Practical Test (known as the practical “checkride”) is covered here. Find advice on locating a DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner).

View the Sport Pilot and Airplane Light-sport Aircraft (LSA) Rules. A helpful discussion regarding differences between sport pilots and private pilots should be of interest.

Find an FAA Testing Center.

On a bit more of the fun side; flying a sport plane or airplane light-sport aircraft (LSA) can bring with it lots of fun new gadgets and gear. Find out a bit about some of them here.

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