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HPTS for Sport Pilot CFI Applicants

For a sport pilot certified flight instructor (CFIS) applicant.

Learn how to be a CFIS. Ace your CFIS Knowledge Test, Fundamentals of Instruction Knowledge Test, and the CFIS Checkride. One complete and comprehensive system.

Why the Hamilton Pilot Training System (HPTS) for CFIS applicant

In the past, there has only been FAA test prep training to get through the Knowledge Tests and an Oral Exam Guide to get through the oral portion of the checkride.

This system gets you in the air actually teaching someone how to “learn to fly” with basic lesson plans just as an experienced CFI does. This provides real life experience so you know how to become a competent CFIS plus get through the FAA tests.

The basis is the “Sport & Private Pilot Training Syllabus and Workbook”. Here, the CFI section of the syllabus teaches the applicant to teach the sport pilot section (and private pilot section if applicable).

The Hamilton Pilot Training System Sport Pilot CFI Applicant Kit is a proven system that provides the books and supplies you need to efficiently and effectively learn how to teach in an airplane light-sport aircraft and pass your FAA Exams. It ensures you will be adequately prepared for your tests and feel confident in your knowledge.

Developed by Sport Pilot industry leader, Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE (SPE, SPIE, PE), the training system uses a building block approach that optimizes training time to become a safe and confident pilot, while balancing your enthusiasm and passion for flight.

Sport Pilot CFI Course

The Sport Pilot Instructor certification course is similar to the Sport Pilot certification course; however, it requires a higher level of knowledge and skill plus additional teaching skills in Aeronautical Knowledge and Aeronautical Skill. Each Module contains both a flight and ground lesson. The flight lessons follow a similar progression to the Sport Pilot lesson plans, but the student/applicant applies the Fundamentals of Instruction ground training learned for the flight lesson. Therefore, ground lessons must be completed before the flight lessons. We will call the sport pilot undergoing training to be an instructor a CFIS “applicant”.

Lesson Plans, Stage Checks, and FAA Testing Procedures

The CFIS applicant studies the Fundamentals of Instruction and then applies the principles to the actual flight lessons. The student is learning to instruct the instructor, who is playing the role of a student as well as teaching the CFIS applicant how to instruct. The lesson plans use FAA 8083-9, the “Aviation Instructor’s Handbook” as a basis for homework assignments. Stage checks are performed within the flight lesson at the end of each stage. The course the successful completion of the CFI Knowledge Test, Fundamentals of Instruction Knowledge test, and the simulated checkride. The instructor provides the recommendation for the CFIS applicant to take a flight instructor checkride from a designated pilot examiner (DPE) with a sport pilot instructor examiner (SPIE) rating on the FAA Form 8110-11.

Sport Pilot CFI Suggested Minimum Training Requirements

The training times listed in the training syllabus (19 flight/25 ground) provide only an estimate for flight and ground times required to be a certificated flight instructor with sport pilot privileges (CFIS). No minimum flight or ground instruction time (in addition to the minimum flight experience)  is required in the regulations to be a flight instructor with sport pilot privileges. However, to get a recommendation from a CFI to take the Practical Test/checkride, requires considerable time and effort for both the applicant and instructor.

The Hamilton Pilot Training System Description

This system is two systems in one. CFI Training Kit… Test Prep Kit… All in one system!

CFI Training Kit – Lesson plans where the CFIS applicant learns the skills teaching skills to instruct, than goes up flying using these skills to teach the mach student (actual instructor). This provides a path for comprehensive training that help you efficiently and effectively learn how to teach flying and aeronautical knowledge.

Test Prep Kit – Materials help you efficiently prepare to pass both your FAA written knowledge tests;

  • Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor knowledge exam and the
  • Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) knowledge test.

Additionally, the test prep kit helps you pass both the oral and flight portions of the checkride (or Practical Test as the FAA calls it).

This Sport Pilot CFI Applicant Kit includes everything you’ll need and brings sport pilot training and test preparation to a new level, providing one-stop-shop.

The training system is a step-by-step standardized process that includes specific lesson plans for the sport pilot and sport pilot certified flight instructor applicant. An outline of the system is shown below. Note the “Sport Pilot Applicant” portion  is used by the “CFIS Applicant” section to teach you, the mock student, with the lesson plans used in the “Sport Pilot Applicant” section.

  • Sport Pilot Applicant
    • Stage 1 – First Flights – Learn to Fly
    • Stage 2 – Flight Maneuvers and Aeronautical Knowledge – To Solo
    • Stage 3 – Student Pilot – Regulations – To Cross Country
    • Stage 4 – Sport Pilot FAA Test Preparation for Knowledge and Practical Test
    • Stage 5 – Sport Pilot Additional Endorsements
  • Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor (CFIS) Applicant
    • Stage 1 – Basics of Flight Training
    • Stage 2 – Student and Instructor Learning Behavior and Communication
    • Stage 3 – Instructor Responsibilities
    • Stage 4 – Sport Pilot CFI FAA Test Preparation for Knowledge and Practical Test

It should be noted that the most of the materials used by the CFIS applicant can be reused or used as a model for actually teaching a student once the CFIS applicant achieves the Flight Instructor Rating.

Training Kits

A CFI-SPORT APPLICANT COURSE, AIRPLANE LSA may be purchase at Paul Hamilton’s online store at

Test Prep Kits

A CFI-SPORT APPLICANT KNOWLEDGE & PRACTICAL TEST PREP COURSE may be purchase at Paul Hamilton’s online store at

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