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Tools for CFIs

Even though you’re now teaching others to fly light-sport aircraft (LSA), you’ve probably noticed that you are now learning more about flying than you ever did as a student. By teaching others you learn quickly how well you really know the subject matter. It’s one thing to learn something, but to teach others you have to posses a level of understanding that few ever accomplish.

In addition to knowing your stuff you have to be able to transfer your knowledge to your student pilots. Guess what? Your teaching style may not always be compatible with your students learning style. So now you are a student of human interaction and communications. You have to learn new ways of communicating. Students come from all walks of life, with different learning styles which can truly be a challenge.

Would you like to be teaching more students to fly light-sport aircraft? Marketing your services as a flight instructor is a subject that receives little, if any, attention when you’re working on your CFI rating.

We provide useful tips that you can use today – Renew your flight instructor certificate FAQs; access current FAA forms, endorsements, pilot certification standards, flight training articles, and publications; and learn how to market yourself to prospective students who want to be sport pilots.

The Hamilton Pilot Training System for CFIs offers you a step-by-step process to train applicants in all of the tasks, aeronautical knowledge, and skills necessary for them to become a sport pilot or sport pilot certified flight instructor.

You will want to be aware of the CFI GUIDE to Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft.

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