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Hamilton Pilot Training System for CFIs

The Hamilton Pilot Training System (HPTS) is for certified flight instructor (CFI) or sport pilot certified flight instructor (CFIS) to instruct sport pilot student applicants, private pilot applicants and certified flight instructor with sport pilot rating applicants in airplane light sport aircraft (LSA).

Whether you are a CFI or CFIS of an independent operation or a large flight school – use the HPTS kit which includes DVDs, books, software, and pilot tools to provide flight training, ground school instruction, and test preparation to your sport pilot students and sport pilot CFI applicants flying airplane LSA.

The training system, developed by Sport Pilot industry leader, Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE (SPE, SPIE, PE) uses a building block approach that optimizes training time in becoming a safe and confident pilot, while balancing the enthusiasm and passion for flight.

The system is efficient with your time, as well as your student’s time. It offers you a step-by-step process to train applicants in all of the tasks, aeronautical knowledge, and skills necessary for them to become a sport pilot or sport pilot certified flight instructor.

Students can purchase this system directly from our store, or CFI’s can become dealers and resell the materials to the students. Materials can be provided to the students all at the same time as a complete student kit, or separately as the student needs them. This is up to you as an instructor how you want to provide the materials to the student. Total flexibility to fit each instructors┬ástyle and students needs.

The Hamilton Pilot Training System Description

The training system is a step-by-step standardized process that includes specific lesson plans for the sport pilot and sport pilot certified flight instructor applicant.

  • Sport Pilot Applicant
    • Stage 1 – First Flights – Learn to Fly
    • Stage 2 – Flight Maneuvers and Aeronautical Knowledge – To Solo
    • Stage 3 – Student Pilot – Regulations – To Cross Country
    • Stage 4 – Sport Pilot FAA Test Preparation for Knowledge and Practical Test
    • Stage 5 – Sport Pilot Additional Endorsements
  • Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor Applicant
    • Stage 1 – Basics of Flight Training
    • Stage 2 – Student and Instructor Learning Behavior and Communication
    • Stage 3 – Instructor Responsibilities
    • Stage 4 – Sport Pilot CFI FAA Test Preparation for Knowledge and Practical Test

This system is detailed in the SPORT & PRIVATE PILOT TRAINING SYLLABUS – AIRPLANE, which is the student’s workbook. The training syllabus specifies tasks for flight and ground training. It outlines student homework which the Instructor assigns and reviews.

A SPORT PILOT TRAINING TASK LOG 5 PAK is used by the Instructor to record the student’s progress in the specific PTS flight and ground tasks.

A unique feature of the HPTS are the SPORT PILOT FIXED-WING KIT training module, specific to airplane light-sport aircraft with companion ground school workbooks. The DVD training modules produced by Paul Hamilton and Adventure Productions are each 30 to 90 minutes in length. The DVD training modules enhance and accelerate student learning while creating a higher level of enjoyment and engagement.

Kits help your Sport Pilot applicants “Ace” their FAA Knowledge and Practical (checkride) exams. (You can offer these as part of your course, purchase separately, or recommend your students purchase them from Adventure Productions.)

Training Kits

A CFI Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans may be purchase at

Test Prep Kits

A Flight Instructor Training & Test Prep may be purchase at

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